How Many Yoga Asanas Are There?

There are almost 84 different yoga asanas which you can use in your regular yoga practice. These aren’t just 84 poses, but there also are 84 different ways to make these 84 poses. In a nutshell, there’s a whole system of yoga poses, and every yoga pose has its own benefits for your body.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the most common yoga poses and asanas suggested by institutes like Marianne Wells Yoga School.

Swastik Asana

This is a type of ancient cross legged meditation. It translates to auspicious as it is a Sanskrit word. In Hindi, it means good luck.

Shav Asana

Shavasana is one of the modern yoga poses, and is used in modern yoga. It is also called the corpse pose. This excercise is used by yogis at the end of their yoga practice to help relax their body. After proper relaxation, they are continue with their daily tasks.

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Garbha Pind Asana

This pose resembles that of an inverted trutle. Your body has to point in upward direction, and you don’t have to maintain balance in upright position.

Gomukh Asana

As the name suggests, this pose is called the bull pose. It is basically a sitting yoga pose. The pose is a part of modern yoga techniques.

Sukh Asana

This is the most common cross legged sitting pose which comes to our mind when we think of a sitting yogi. It is also a part of meditation yoga. Yogis use it for calming meditation.

Vajr Asana

This asana is also known as diamond or thunder pose. These poses mostly include kneeling excercises. These poses can both be simple or complex depending on your yoga mastery level.

These were some of the most common yoga asanas which you can practice.